Choosing to Exit the Game

heavenpath“We seek joy. That is what we do. It is what you do too. When you do not do it you find yourselves feeling poorly but you don’t know why. You point to all sorts of things in your lives to place blame for why you don’t feel well. The bottom line is, you are joy seekers, and that is what will make you feel better, always.

“You can seek joy. You do seek joy, wherever you are. This is the point. You find joy in so much, in so many experiences. You find joy in knowledge, in learning, in seeking, in creating, in creating truths which you then seek! (Chuckling.)

“You seek joy in life, and out of life. When we say out of life, we mean, out of physical. You are still a joy-seeker. And that can lead you out of physical, to seek joy on other planes.

“This life is not for everyone. This life (pointedly) can be thick. You can find it challenging to keep your footing. You can find it challenging to remember that you are the creator of this life. Especially if you have created for yourself challenging experiences. As you know these challenges can catapult you ‘out’ of this physicality. You take yourself out of your own game, and into your next game. There is nothing wrong with this.

“The choice to come into this life was yours, is yours. The course that you set up to traverse, is yours. Your choices. The time you choose to move on is yours. Always. The ‘how’ is your choice. Always. It is time to take a grown up view of the comings and the goings of yourselves in physical plane, this physical plane or any other. You are here to play. You are joy seekers. You seek joy on many planes of existence. There is no punishment for exiting your game ahead of when you originally laid the plan. You course-correct all through your plan, you make changes all through your plan. This is simply another change, another course-correction.

“You seek many opportunities for growth; many, continuously. It is the nature of consciousness to expand. You will continue to do so, regardless of your form. Or lack of form. There is no punishment handed out!  Why would you choose to do that to yourselves? This is a game that you have created, and a fine game it is, a very fine game. You are playing hide and seek with yourselves. There is joy and delight in the game, even when you take an earlier exit than planned.

“Your friend used the word ‘reset’ today. You hit the reset button. A new game begins! There is excitement, delight, joy! You are eternal beings. The sadness that you feel is understandable, but truly, we would like you to perceive this event in a more grown up fashion. You have the ability to perceive this event on different levels where you will recognize the import on many dimensions, of the action. You will sense the changes already in place. We urge you to reach through any barriers you have erected to communicate with those nonphysical beings you wish to communicate with. Many of you are doing this already.

“We will leave you for now. We wish you a good evening. Good bye.”

The Teachers, channeled by Allison Hamilton

 I feel compelled to add this addendum. The piece below, specifically:
The time you choose to move on is yours. Always. The ‘how’ is your choice. Always.”
refers to the Whole Self; the ego-based self may not be – and usually isn’t – aware of the choice made by the Whole Self to “graduate”.  The Whole Self has broader perspective.
I’d also like to note that this channeling was in response to questions about a friend’s suicide. The material, however, is applicable to all transitioning.