(Apparently we are recording now…)

(Long pause.)

At this rate, this is going to be a long video with very few views. We might want to step it up a little, hah hah hah hah.

We are here. You have asked many questions lately. And you know the answer, in your heart. It is always the same. TRUST.

TRUSTIt is an easy word to say. In actuality it’s a very easy practice as well. But in order to get to the point where it’s an easy practice, you really want to know that you are taken care of.

You are using the word KNOWN. You are KNOWN. You are KNOWN. You are known on planes of existence [of which] you have no idea. You are loved beyond measure. You are supported beyond belief. When you feel this and you know it and you trust it, you allow your channel to open completely, you allow us through.

We will get through regardless; we always do, we always have, we always will. Why? Because we are you (chuckles).

There is no separation, truly. But you can make your life a little difficult when you do not trust, when you develop misconceptions about yourselves, your reality; when you create and harbor and grow beliefs that are in opposition to who and what you really are, which is Everything, which is Consciousness, which is Love.

We’ve said many times love feels good because you are love. It is what you are. It is a word, but there is much power, much depth, Universes behind that word. It feels like home because it is home.

You are here on an experience. You are here growing. You are here experiencing. You are here experiencing for every one of us. We are your support network, we are you. You are not out here alone.

Feel for us. We say this often. You might be tiring of hearing it. How do you feel for us? Go inside. Turn your eyeballs backwards (chuckles). Meditation is your best opening in your daily conscious life. Your dream state will bring you much information too but not many of you are yet training yourselves in active participation in your dreams. Meditation can bring much progress. As you get better at meditating and making connection to your inner self, you’ll be able to carry that through outside of your meditative state into your day-to-day reality. We call this blending.

The blended being is the one who allows their whole self to take the driver’s seat, so to speak. They have accomplished the gentle movement of the ego into the passenger seat, allowing the whole self into the driver’s seat. This opens your lives up beyond measure.

It sounds trite to say you must experience it to believe it but we’ll say that anyway:  You must experience it to believe it. And you all can, you all have this ability, you were born with this ability, this is who you really are.

TRUST. Work with your egos. This is a partnership. You are put together perfectly. No parts of you are to be dismissed or denigrated. You are perfect beings. You just have gotten a little mixed up on who needs to be in the driver’s seat. But so much is changing, so much is changing. You are all learning so fast. We are very excited. We are here encouraging you.

Seek the inner space where peace and relief reside. Seek the inner river, the waters, the flow, where knowledge is readily available. We will be back with more. This is enough for now. We love you very much. We are acknowledging your progress. Goodbye for now.