Hello all,

I hope this short video on judgment, experience, change and freedom is helpful to you. It was for me.

I’ve been recovering from a broken arm (slipped hiking) and have been quite inactive regarding channeling. I intend to focus more in that direction in the days ahead. In the meantime, I apologize for only posting this as video and not text; I am still one-handed and transcribing this all wouldn’t be blissful, hahah!

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(Now we’re recording. Okay, that’s better. Okay, I thought what I would do is, start a conversation and see if anyone [nonphysical being]¬†jumps on. The topic is abundance, and perhaps you listened to Dan Scranton’s channeling last night of The Creators, about abundance. And I’ve had a thought trying to surface for several months about beliefs and abundance. And here it goes.)

WorkinProgressWhen you’re born, immediately you are subjected to the belief of working for a living, that one or both of your parents or caretakers have to leave the home, and go somewhere and put in time and effort, and come home with money to buy your food, support your household, etc.

From very eary age of perceving, you pattern – you, you adopt this belief: Working for living. We would like to propose that you entertain a slightly different belief. Ha! Slightly! Heh heh, diametrically opposed belief would be more accurate.

Suppose for instance you were born into a household where your parents or caretakers got up in the morning and did whatever they wanted to do. Around here that would mean going for walk with dogs, playing in the woods, playing in the garden, fiddling around outside, inside, maybe doing some artwork, visiting friends, you get the idea – playing with you as a child. Doing something creative and fulfilling, whatever stirs their desire, whatever catches their fancy, your caretakers, your parents, did that when they woke up in the morning. You observed that. Somehow the household kept running, somehow the bills were paid, somehow the food was purchased, you didn’t worry about it and no one ever talked about it.

You would develop a different belief. You would develop – you may develop – a belief that you are supported by unseen forces. That your living is fully supported. That whatever you desire is made available to you, or you can acquire, or you can find.

Your belief system and all that grows out of that, your foundational belief system, would be very different. It would be one of support and abundance. Not one of starting from lack and filling in the hole, the bucket, the lack bucket, with stuff, with money, with whatever you need to survive. There would be no – I hesitate to use the word ‘work’ because that has so many meanings for so many people, so let’s go with the word struggle. There would be no struggle attached. There could instead be joy, seeking fulfilment instead of just seeking a paycheck.

You see, this ‘working for a living’ is a foundational belief that you have. It is a belief. Everything in your external reality reflects to you this belief.

YOU are the ‘big head in the sky!’ You are the Creator Being. You can create a different belief from which to experience your reality. This could be a very fun one to experiment with.

(A different, softer energy came through at this point.)

You see, your external reality is your creation. It is an ultimate creation for you as a human being. It is perfection. It reflects to you your beliefs. It reflects to you everything, anything. You can make it what you want. So pretend! Use your imagination — you were born into a household where everything was joyful, and loving, and fulfilling. There was no struggle, unless you want struggle. We don’t mean to paint a picture of wrongness or inappropriateness; great works of creativity are born out of struggle. There is incredible, immense power in struggle. But you don’t have to struggle, it’s up to you.

View your reality from the seat of the director, or the great artist, for indeed you are. And you can change everything or anything.

(At this point, a new energy pushed in, Lyric, the Faerie.)

Hahahahah! I just wanted to come through and say hi. I haven’t visited for awhile. (Chuckles) I’m not even going to talk about your subject. It’s a beautiful day. I think it’s time to go outside. So! This is short, we’re going to shut it down. Go outside and play! Did you hear me?! Go outside and play! We love you very much! Bye bye for now.